Participation occasions

As an investor for special situations, we focus on companies facing significant challenges. Our goal is to lead these companies on a successful growth path and restore their long-term profitability. With our in-depth expertise and experience in restructuring, we strive to bring sustainable changes and create added value for all stakeholders. We work closely with the management team to develop a customized strategy and implement operational improvements. In doing so, we collectively tap into the company’s full potential.

Carve outs

Benefiting from our vast experience in establishing stand-alone structures and strategies, in complex IT carve-outs, and in nurturing a medium-sized corporate culture, HF Opportunities stands as the quintessential partner for corporations aiming for the successful divestment of non-core segments. We provide corporations looking for an established and responsible investor with the assurance that their former corporate divisions will find a reputable home with us.

Financial reorganization

Companies facing liquidity shortages or destabilized financial structures due to internal or external factors require an experienced and financially strong partner to find a sustainable solution for their continuation. At HF Opportunities, we have extensive experience in dealing with uncertain financing partners, suppliers and customers as well as in restructuring existing financial structures. By providing fresh equity, we can develop customized solutions.

Our primary goal is to find a long-term sustainable solution that considers the interests of all stakeholders. We place significant importance on close collaboration with all parties involved and take their concerns and needs into account.

Operational and strategic turnaround

Short-term shocks, whether in production, management, suppliers, or customers, can significantly endanger companies. At HF Opportunities, we can offer targeted assistance with our expertise to sustainably overcome these challenges. As a financially strong partner, we are able to create the necessary time. Companies whose strategies are questioned by changing market conditions need a visionary partner who can develop and implement a new strategy. Together with the company, we work on a strategic realignment and have the experience to implement this through buy-and-build, internationalization, diversification, and creative partnerships.


We have extensive experience in acquiring companies out of insolvency, utilizing either the transferring reorganization or the insolvency plan according to German insolvency law. This enables us to continue the company and develop sustainable solutions for the causes of the crisis. As a long-term orientated investor, we efficiently use instruments of insolvency law during the acquisition phase to ensure a successful continuation. It is important to us to involve all relevant stakeholders in finding a solution. We are well acquainted with the tight deadlines of the insolvency process.